Why Would You Tolerate That?

Incompatibilities are ImbalanceIncompatibilities are Imbalance

"You live with too many incompatibilities — people, places, objects, circumstances, and activities that just don’t mesh with the person you are on the inside."

Stop Tolerating the Vampires in Your Life!

When your external reality is out of sync with your inner self, your inner self will resist it.

This creates the feeling of wanting to escape your circumstances. You may feel powerless to make big changes, but deep down you’ll still sense a strong desire to “get out” and leave parts of your reality behind. You’ll fantasize about quitting your job, moving out, or ending a relationship.

It’s easy to lose years of your life while surrounded by incompatible energies. This problem is so common that some people just consider it normal. They figure it’s normal to dread going to work or to feel disconnected from the people around them. This may be common, but it certainly isn’t a healthy situation.

When you look at the different parts of your life — your career, health, relationships, spiritual practice, daily habits, and finances — and ask,

  • “Is this really me?” do you hear some no’s?
  • How long have you been tolerating these incompatibilities?
  • Why don’t you simply kick them out of your life, so you can replace them with something more compatible?

Some people think it’s a good thing to tolerate the parts of life they don’t like. That’s dumb. Tolerance isn’t acceptance. Tolerance is resistance.

When you fill your life with energies you must tolerate, you prevent yourself from attracting what you really want. The more incompatibilities you tolerate in your life, the fewer compatibilities you’ll be able to attract.

Keep this up for a few years, and you’ll be drowning in a life that feels totally wrong for you.

Stop and Ask Yourself Some Hard Questions

What bothers you about your life? What are you tolerating right now? I’d like to challenge you to stop tolerating your life. Either fully accept it, and love it as it is. Or kick out the incompatible parts to create the space for a life you’re able to love and accept completely.

Nathan's Final Thoughts

It's a fact of life.
You will always be pulled in two different directions. It's a natural part of the Universe.

But incompatibilities are imbalance.

You can stand up because two opposing forces are fighting over your body mass. Gravity and the upward force of your leg muscles keep you still. You're balanced. Opposites are a part of life.

Incompatibilities don't have to be.