30 Days to Change - A Whole New Approach

30 Days to Temporary ChangeYou only have 30 days!

"Sticking to a 30 day plan to change a habit can feel like forever. Unless you decide to just make the change a temporary one."

It's Time for a Change - But Just Temporarily

The 30-day trial is powerful concept.

Borrowed from the shareware industry, the concept is you can download a trial version of a piece of software and try it out risk-free for 30 days before you have to buy the full version. This concept caused the shareware industry to explode in a short time bringing new ideas to people a lot faster.

As a way to develop new habits, it's perfect format to use and brain-dead simple.

It's Brain Dead Simple

Let’s say you want to start a new habit like an exercise program or quit a bad habit like sucking on cancer sticks. We all know that getting started is easy. The hard part is sticking to the habit long enough that the change becomes permanent.

Once you’ve started moving, it’s much easier to keep going.

Yet out thoughts often overwhelm us because we think the change has to be permanent — before we’ve even begun. To think about making a big change and sticking with it every day for the rest of your life. No wonder most people end up doing nothing and just staying put.

But what if you thought about making the change only temporarily — say for 30 days — and then you’re free to go back to your old habits? That doesn’t seem so hard anymore, does it?

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