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Hacking Your Reality Part 2

CONTINUE: Hacking Your Brain

What you've got to realize is that a mental OS has constraints
that are similar to a computer’s OS.

Every OS has its strengths and weaknesses depending on its architecture. Even if the underlying hardware is the same, switching to a different OS can unlock new capabilities. Some things may be easier with a new OS, if only because you can gain access to new high-level software that’s written for that OS.

On my Windows laptop, I’m also running a Mac Emulator. There’s some Mac software I really like, such as The Journal, that isn’t available for Windows. So I run those Mac programs on my Mac Emulator, which creates a virtual machine that runs along with Windows.

Objective Subjectivity

When your mind is running an objective operating system, it’s strength is running programs that are built upon that architecture. But it wasn’t as good at running subjective programs.

In order to run subjective programs on your objective OS, I first had to run a subjective virtual machine. That allowed me to see reality through a subjective lens. Then I could run subjective programs on top of that.

Hacking Your Reality

You have power to control your reality.You Have Power to Control Your Reality

"If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain"

How to Successfully Hack your Brain

You take your beliefs for granted.

They filter your experiences and you're not even aware of it. The only way to notice them is to make a huge shift in your beliefs. It's not easy and it takes some serious brain hacking skills. Only then would you see the contrast between your old belief and the new ones.

Most beliefs are subconscious. They run on autopilot. We don’t even notice them.

Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die

Beliefs are a Survival ToolWhy are Beliefs so Strong?

"Beliefs are designed to enhance our ability to survive and they are biologically resistant to change. To change a belief you must address the survival issues connected to that particular belief."

Beliefs enhance your chances of survival and don't require evidence.

Are you a skeptic? Always wanting proof for what you hear, see, and know? Always weighing evidence before you commit to a belief? It's very likely you are at a much higher level of consciousness then the typical person. Read more to learn why.

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