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10 Reasons Religion is Stupid

Bad  Religion! Play Dead!Bad Religion! Play Dead!

"Religion is the opiate of the masses."
-Karl Marx

"Religion never did anything good for the people who died resisting its takeover."
-Nathan Vargas

Ok, you need to abandon religion right Now. NOW.

Seriously. Stop carrying around outdated ideas. Make some room in that brain for more useful ideas.

Since Christianity is currently one of the world’s most popular religions, I’ll slant this blog post towards Christianity’s ubiquitous failings. However, you’ll find that most of these points apply equally well to other major religions (yes, even Buddhism).

  1. Spirituality for dummies.

Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die

Beliefs are a Survival ToolWhy are Beliefs so Strong?

"Beliefs are designed to enhance our ability to survive and they are biologically resistant to change. To change a belief you must address the survival issues connected to that particular belief."

Beliefs enhance your chances of survival and don't require evidence.

Are you a skeptic? Always wanting proof for what you hear, see, and know? Always weighing evidence before you commit to a belief? It's very likely you are at a much higher level of consciousness then the typical person. Read more to learn why.

Learn a Secret About your State of Mind

Levels of Your Consciousness
What is your level of Enlightenment?

"From low to high, the levels of consciousness are: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment."

Your present state of mind is somewhere on this list....

An increase from one level to another will result in enormous change in your life. Positive or negative...

The 7 Best Habits to Become a Real Man

A Real Man
A Real Man Stands Up and Makes a Difference

"What does it mean to be a Real Man today?"

Here are 7 ways to live as a Real Man:

  1. Make real decisions.

    A man understands and respects the power of choice. He lives a life of his own creation. He knows that life stagnates when he fails to decide and flourishes when he chooses a clear path.

    When a man makes a decision, he opens the door he wants and closes the doors he doesn’t want. He locks onto his target like a guided missile. There’s no guarantee he’ll reach his target, and he knows this, but he doesn’t need such guarantees. He simply enjoys the sense of inevitability that comes from pushing the launch button.

    A man doesn’t require the approval of others. He’s willing to follow his heart wherever it leads him. When a man is following his heart-centered path, it’s of little consequence if the entire world is against him.

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